Privacy notice

The Hungarian Branch of TQL s.r.o. (Head Office: 9025 Győr, Simor tér 5.; Tax number: 26747961-2-08; Company registration number: 08 17 000068;) (hereinafter referred to as the “Data Controller”) processes the data of visitors to the Website, registered users using the Website and registered users using the services available on the Website (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Data Subject”) in the course of operating the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).

In connection with the processing of data, the Data Controller hereby informs the Data Subjects about the personal data it processes on the Website, its principles and practices regarding the processing of personal data, and the ways and means of exercising the rights of the Data Subjects. By using the Website, the Data Subject accepts the Privacy Notice and consents to the processing of personal data as set out below.


  1. Data subject: any natural person who is identified or can be identified, directly or indirectly, on the basis of personal data;
  2. Personal data: data that can be associated with the data subject, in particular the name, the identification mark and one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of the data subject, and the inference that can be drawn from the data concerning the data subject;
  3. consent: a freely given and freely given indication of the data subject’s wishes, based on adequate information, by which he or she signifies his or her unambiguous agreement to the processing of personal data relating to him or her, whether in full or in part;
  4. objection: a data subject’s objection to the processing of his or her personal data and request the cessation of the processing or the erasure of the processed data;
  5. data controller: the natural or legal person or unincorporated body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes for which the data are processed, takes and implements decisions regarding the processing (including the means used) or has them implemented by a processor on its behalf;
  6. ‘processing’ means any operation or set of operations which is performed upon data, regardless of the procedure used, in particular collection, recording, recording, organisation, storage, alteration, use, consultation, disclosure, transmission, alignment or combination, blocking, erasure and destruction, and prevention of further use of data
  7. processing: the performance of technical tasks related to data processing operations, whatever the method and means used to carry out the operations and wherever they are carried out, provided that the technical task is performed on the data;
  8. ‘processor’ means a natural or legal person or an unincorporated body which, under a contract with a controller, including a contract entered into pursuant to a legal provision, processes data;
  9. ‘transfer’ means the making available of data to a specified third party;
  10. disclosure: making the data available to any person;
  11. erasure: rendering data unrecognisable in such a way that it is no longer possible to retrieve them;
  12. data blocking: the marking of data with an identification mark for the purpose of limiting their further processing permanently or for a limited period of time;
  13. data destruction: the total physical destruction of a data medium containing data;
  14. third party: any natural or legal person or unincorporated body other than the data subject, the controller or the processor.
  15. Purpose of data processing


The Data Controller stores and processes the data provided by the Data Subject during registration for the sole purpose of providing the services available on the Website, maintaining contact, identifying the user and, if the Data Subject subscribes to a newsletter, for the purpose of sending the newsletter. The data automatically collected are used for statistical purposes and for the technical development of the IT system. The Data Controller shall not use the personal data provided for purposes other than those specified above.

Unless otherwise required by law, the disclosure of personal data to third parties or public authorities is possible with the prior explicit consent of the Data Subject. In all cases where the Data Controller intends to use the data provided for purposes other than those for which they were originally collected, the Data Subject shall be informed thereof and shall obtain his or her prior explicit consent or be given the opportunity to oppose such use.


  1. Legal basis for processing

The data processing by the Data Controller is based on the voluntary consent of the Data Subject pursuant to Article 5 (1) (a) of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information (hereinafter: and on the basis of Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services.

The Data Controller does not verify the personal data provided to it, nor their authenticity. The person providing the data, the Data Subject or the contractor is solely responsible for the correctness of the data provided. By providing an e-mail address, any Data Subject is also responsible for the fact that he/she is the only one to use the services from the e-mail address provided. With regard to this assumption of responsibility, any liability in connection with access from a given e-mail address shall be borne solely by the Data Subject who provided the e-mail address.


  1. Data controller’s data

TQL s.r.o. Hungarian Branch

Registered office;

Tax number: 26747961-2-08;

Company registration number: 08 17 000068;




  1. Duration of data processing

5.1. Registration data

The processing of the personal data provided during registration is mandatory until the Data Subject requests the deletion of his/her registration. The cancellation of the registration can take place at any time after the request for cancellation has been sent (by post or email). In this case, the deadline for deletion of the data is 5 working days after receipt of the request.


5.2. Duration of data processing

The Data Controller shall process the data provided by the Data Subject when subscribing to the newsletter until the Data Subject unsubscribes by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button in the information letter or requests to be removed from the list of newsletter subscribers by email or post. Otherwise, the processing will last for 2 years. In the case of unsubscription, the Data Controller will record the request (by email, post or by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button) and will no longer send any further correspondence to the Data Subject.


5.3 Technical data

The logged data will be stored for 2 years from the date of logging, except for the date of the last visit, which will be automatically overwritten.


5.4. Data provided when sending the electronic contact form

The processing of the personal data provided as mandatory when submitting the contact form will continue until the Data Subject requests the deletion of the data thus provided. The deletion of the data may take place at any time after sending the request for deletion (by post or email). In this case, the deadline for erasure is 5 working days after receipt of the request.


  1. Scope of personal data processed


6.1. Mandatory data provided during registration

To use the services on the Website, the Data Subject must provide the following data:

Name, Phone Number, E-mail, Company Name, Account Address, Shipping Address



In case of newsletter subscription, the Data Subject is obliged to provide the Data Controller with his/her email address or full name.


6.3 Technical data

The data of the Data Subject’s log-in computer, which are generated during the use of the service and which are recorded by the Data Controller’s system as an automatic result of technical processes. In particular, these are the date and time of the visit, the IP address of the Data Subject’s computer, the type of browser, the address of the website visited and the previously visited website.

The automatically recorded data are automatically logged by the system at the time of logging in or logging out without any special declaration or action by the Data Subject. These data cannot be linked to other personal user data, except in cases required by law. The data can only be accessed by the Data Controller.

The Data Controller may collect data on the activity of Data Subjects, which cannot be linked to other data provided by the Data Subject during registration, nor to data generated by the use of other websites or services.

The html code of the Website may contain links from and to external servers independent of the Data Controller. The providers of these links may collect user data due to the direct connection to their server.

External servers facilitate the independent measurement and auditing of the Site’s traffic and other web analytics data (Google Analytics). The Data Controllers can provide the Data Subject with detailed information on the management of the measurement data. Their contact details are

If you do not want Google Analytics to measure the above data in the way and for the purposes described, please install a browser add-on to block this.



The Data Controller and the designated third-party service providers place and read back a small data package, a so-called cookie, on the Data Subject’s computer in order to provide a personalised service. If the browser returns a previously saved cookie, the cookie management service provider has the possibility to link the data saved during the Data Subject’s current visits to the data saved during previous visits, but only regarding its own content.

The Data Controller uses the following cookie:

– Session cookie: session cookies are automatically deleted after the Data Subject’s visit. These cookies are used to enable the Controller’s Website to function more efficiently and securely and are therefore essential to enable certain features of the Website or certain applications to function properly.

– Persistent cookie: a persistent cookie is also used by the Data Controller to improve the user experience (e.g. to provide optimised navigation). These cookies are stored for a longer period of time in the browser’s cookie file. The duration of this period depends on the settings of the Data Subject’s web browser.

– A cookie used for a password-protected session.

– Security cookie.

A “Help” function in the menu bar of most browsers, providing information on whether the Data Subject has used the following in his or her browser.

– How to disable cookies,

– how to accept new cookies,

– how to instruct your browser to set a new cookie, or

– how to turn off other cookies.

The Website uses Google AdWords remarketing tracking codes. This is so that visitors to the site can be targeted by remarketing ads on websites in the Google Display network. The remarketing code uses cookies to tag visitors. Site users can disable these cookies by visiting the Google advertising settings manager and following the instructions there. They will then no longer receive personalised offers from the Service Provider.

More information about cookies:

More information about Google Analytics:

  1. Who has access to the data

Persons having access to the data, data transfer, data processing. The data are primarily accessible to the Data Controller and its internal staff, but they are not disclosed or transferred to third party(ies).

The Service Provider may use the services of a data processor (e.g. a system operator). The Service Provider is not responsible for the data processing practices of such external parties.



No such intermediary currently exists.

In addition to the above, the transfer of personal data concerning the User may only take place in cases that are mandatory by law or on the basis of the User’s consent.

Data of the service provider:

Name: Gábor Takács EV

Info Email:

Address: 9024 Győr, Bartók Béla utca 26/B. fsz 2.

Tax number: 66722560-1-28

Registration number: 38141289

Data Management Registration Number: NAIH-136329/2018.

Company name: NLG-System Bt.

Info Email:

Tax number: 21880106-2-13

Company registration number: 13-06-063659

In addition to the above, the transfer of personal data concerning the Data Subject may only take place in cases provided for by law or with the consent of the User.



8.1 Right to information

The Data Subject shall have the right to request information at any time about the personal data concerning the Data Subject processed by the Controller.

The Data Controller shall, upon the Data Subject’s request, provide information on the data concerning him/her processed by the Data Controller, the purpose, legal basis and duration of the processing, as well as on who has received or received his/her data and for what purpose. The Controller shall provide the requested information in writing within 30 days of the request.

The Data Subject may contact the Controller at the contact details indicated below with any questions or comments regarding the processing.


8.2. The data subject may request the erasure, rectification or blocking of his/her data.

The Data Subject may at any time request the rectification or erasure of incorrectly recorded data at any of the contact details indicated below. The Data Controller shall delete the data within 5 working days of receipt of the request, in which case they shall not be recoverable. The deletion shall not apply to data processing required by law (e.g. accounting regulations), which shall be kept by the Data Controller for the necessary period.

The Data Subject may also request the blocking of his/her data. The Data Controller shall block personal data if the Data Subject so requests or if, on the basis of the information available to it, it is likely that deletion would harm the legitimate interests of the Data Subject. Personal data blocked in this way may be processed only for as long as the processing purpose which precluded the deletion of the personal data persists.

The rectification, blocking and erasure must be notified to the Data Subject and to all those to whom the data were previously transferred for processing. The notification may be omitted if this does not harm the legitimate interests of the User in view of the purposes of the processing.

If the controller does not comply with the data subject’s request for rectification, blocking or erasure, it shall, within 30 days of receipt of the request, provide in writing the factual and legal reasons for refusing the request for rectification, blocking or erasure.


8.3. Data Subjects may object to the processing of their personal data

Data Subjects may object to the processing of their personal data. The Data Controller shall examine the objection within the shortest possible period of time from the date of the request, but not later than 15 days, and shall decide whether the objection is justified and inform the applicant in writing of its decision.

The Data Subject may exercise his/her rights by contacting the contact details indicated in point 4.


The National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.; ) or

Enforcement of your rights before a court of law.

If the Data Subject has provided third-party data for the use of the service or has caused damage in any way during the use of the Website, the Data Controller is entitled to claim damages from the Data Subject. In such a case, the Data Controller shall provide all reasonable assistance to the competent authorities in order to establish the identity of the offending person.


  1. Use of email addresses

The Data Controller pays particular attention to the lawfulness of the use of the e-mail addresses it manages, and therefore uses them only for sending e-mails in the manner set out below.


The processing of e-mail addresses serves primarily to identify the Data Subject and to maintain contact when using the service, so e-mails are sent primarily for this purpose.



The Data Controller undertakes to ensure the security of the data, to take technical measures to ensure that the data recorded, stored and processed are protected and to take all necessary steps to prevent their destruction, unauthorised use and unauthorised alteration. It also undertakes to require any third party to whom it may transfer or disclose the data to comply with its obligations in this respect.


  1. Other provisions

The Data Controller reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Privacy Notice by notifying the Data Subjects in advance through the Website. After the amendment has entered into force, the Data Subject shall accept the amended Privacy Notice by using the Website.